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Asfixia   Choke   Choke - Asfixia   Choke - Der Simulant   Choke - No Sufoco   Fulladás   Lämbumine   Soffocare   Tikanma   Tvrd zalogaj   Zalknutí   Udlaw sie  

Rating: 6.6
Genres:    Comedy   Drama  
Kathryn Alexander as Mousy Girl / Agnes
Teodorina Bello as Jamaican Lady
Kate Blumberg as Edwin's Wife
Jonah Bobo as Young Victor
Willi Burke as Deranged Socialite (as Wilma 'Willi' Burke)
Heather Burns as Internet Date / Gwen
David Wolos-Fonteno as Edwin
Matt Gerald as Detective Ryan
Clark Gregg as Lord High Charlie
Joel Grey as Phil
Victor Mancini, a sex-addicted med-school dropout, who keeps his increasingly deranged mother, Ida, in an expensive private medical hospital by working days as a historical re-enactor at a Colonial Williamsburg theme park. At night, Victor runs a scam by deliberately choking in upscale restaurants to form parasitic relationships with the wealthy patrons who "save" him. When, in a rare lucid movement, Ida reveals that she has withheld the shocking truth of his father's identity, Victor enlists the aid of his best friend, Denny and his mother's beautiful attending physician, Dr. Paige Marshall, to solve the mystery before the truth of his possibly divine parentage is lost forever.


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1 year 11 months ago     octa_wow says : hohohooho this movie has "choke" me
2 years 3 weeks ago     amiro4eva says : this is a throwed off funny movie.
2 years 2 months ago     ron1234 says : good movie worth try
2 years 8 months ago     malsoud says : really bad good movie
2 years 9 months ago     ritaiyang says : jhdasajldkajdklajskldjslakjakjdaljsalkjalkjdalkjdlkasjdlkajdlaskjdlajdlksa ajdlksajdlkjsalkdjaldj
3 years 1 month ago     Koruna says : lol funy story and a litel crasy
3 years 4 months ago     hope&pray says : Nice
3 years 4 months ago     shalini4urheart says : Choke is an awesome film. a must watch
3 years 6 months ago     trapos says : a ver que tal
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