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Smokey And The Bandit

Dos pícaros con suerte   Çilgin   Agarra-me se Puderes   Cours après moi shérif   Cours après moi shériff   Ein ausgekochtes Schlitzohr   Il bandito e la madama   Konna ja koukku   Los caraduras   Mistrz kierownicy ucieka   Nu blåser vi snuten   O atsidas kai to lagoniko   Os Bons e os Maus   Smokey és a bandita  

Rating: 6.6
Genres:    Action   Comedy   Crime   Romance  
Burt Reynolds as Bandit
Sally Field as Carrie
Jerry Reed as Cledus
Mike Henry as Junior
Paul Williams as Little Enos
Pat McCormick as Big Enos
Alfie Wise as Patrolman - Traffic Jam
George Reynolds as Branford
Macon McCalman as Mr. B
Linda McClure as Waynette
In the summer of 1976 "Big Enos" Burdette, a flamboyant Texan aspiring to political office in Georgia, needs a vast quantity of beer for a rally, but the brand of beer he wants is Coors which at this time cannot be legally transported across the Mississippi, and at least one attempted shipment has already been intercepted by police. To get this job done, Burdette recruits modern day moonshiner Bo Darville, nicknamed Bandit for his previous exploits, for a hefty six-figure payment. Darville in turn recruits his pal Cledus Snow and his eighteen-wheeler for the job, entailing driving from Georgia to Texas, picking up 400 crates of Coors beer, and returning to Georgia, all in a span of twenty-eight hours. To draw off the heat of snooping state police, Darville will drive interference for Cledus in a hot Pontiac Trans-Am, the two of them maintaining contact via citizen's-band radios and the seemingly bizarre lingo used within. The trip to Texas and loading of beer goes without interruption, but the trip back to Georgia begins to pick up complications when Darville is stopped by a runaway bride, Carrie, who is fleeing a forced marriage to the son of a full-of-himself Texas county sheriff, Buford T. Justice. Sheriff Justice's pursuit of his prospective daughter-in-law soon becomes an interstate high-speed pursuit involving police from four states and also the intervention of varied interstate truckers aiding Darville and Cledus as they close on Enos Burdette's Georgia bash.


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