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Ghost Game   Todeslager S-11  

Rating: 4.9
Ghost Game tells the story of 11 contestants who sign up for a scary reality show which forces them to confront the supernatural and their innermost fears. They're brought to an ancient war museum in Cambodia, which was used as a Khmer Rouge prison twenty years before. Thousands of innocent people were tortured and killed there during the Cambodian war in the 1970s. Now the museum is abandoned, and no one dares to step inside. The single winner of the show will be rewarded for 5 million Baht ($US 130,000), the highest amount ever offered on a Thai game show. Inspired by the big reward, they accept to risk their lives in the museum, confronting traps set by the show's producers, as well as those of the real ghosts whose spirits haunt the place.


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1 year 2 months ago     skamaf says : i love this horro movie
1 year 8 months ago     BEBEHAAAA says : Ghost game was really scary, I watched it 4 years ago and I still sometimes see what happend in the movie. The acts was very good and they showed emotions good.
1 year 8 months ago     simxie says : wow wow so scare
2 years 5 months ago     bozo1 says : gettysberg is an epic
2 years 6 months ago     bozo1 says : titanic is an epic
2 years 9 months ago says : i like it so much!
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3 years 1 month ago     janae29 says : do not watch this movie!
3 years 2 months ago     ghost game says : I like this movie so much. I need this movie put into my hard drive.
3 years 2 months ago     ghost game says : i like this horror movie
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