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Rating: 6.6
Genres:    Comedy   Drama   Music   Musical  
Khaled Abol Naga as Khaled
Menna Shalabi as Hadeer
Yousra El Lozy as Salma
Hany Adel as Hany
Ahmad Magdy as Magdy
Atef Yousef as Homeless sales guy
Omar Boflot as Himself
Salwa Mohamed as Shaheen's Aunt
Nagy Nabil as Officer
Mohamed Nosair as Himself
Khaled returns from USA to his mother's funeral at his hometown: Alexandria, Egypt. He decides to make it a fresh new start even if it meant mending his first love story yet it proved a horrific failure. Khaled clashed big time with a changing more conservative Alexandria but He also stumbles upon fresh youth struggling for their under-ground music bands, art and ideas. in the middle of all the confusion, Will it ever all makes sense at the end? A question for the youth and the city to answer.


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